How My Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored

I think that when you are really passionate about things, your happiness and well-being often gets caught up in the successes and failures of whatever it is you are passionate about. The lines between professional and personal blur, and before you know it, you sit down to write (because writers write when sh*t hits the fan) and you’ve got nothing to say, because it would just take too much energy. I’ve needed a breath of fresh air lately, or some positive energy, or just- actually just anything. I’ve just needed something to cheer me up- and here it is: So a while ago, I got stuck in Philly on a late morning US Airways flight. We sat on the runway in the plane for hours and hours…and hours. I was sitting in the back of the plane, and the people I was sitting around and I totally hit it off. It was a really diverse group- people from like all over the place and all walks of life- I was one of the youngest and the oldest was probably late 50’s early 60’s. Artists, engineers, dentist, etc. Anyway, because we were in the back of the plane, we were the last to get off (we never left Philly we just sat on the runway) and therefore the last to enter the line for re-booking. The line was so long that we all went to get dinner and some drinks and kept on having a blast. The line finally died down maybe around 10p? They ended up flying us to a different city that night and put us up in a hotel. We checked in to the hotel around 1 or 2a, and had 6a flights the next day. And I didn’t make it to my destination until late that next night, and I don’t think my luggage even made it! This was quite some time ago so I can’t quite remember everything, but the situation was so absurd it was hilarious. We had such a great time! I mean, it COMPLETELY screwed up my work, but it was so out of my control there was nothing to do but laugh. 

We’ve all kept in touch- digitally at least. One of the guys went to Belgium sometime this summer. I got a message from him last week:
“Hey I have all this Belgium chocolate in the freezer I’m trying to get rid of. Can I send some to you?”
I was going to be in Canada, but I told him my mum’s 60th birthday is next week- and she’d totally love that.
I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE HE SENT IT TO MY PARENTS!!! Birthday card included!!!!
My goodness- if Mike from Arizona, who I got stuck in an airport with a couple years ago- can out of the blue send my (idol) mum in Detroit a really nice birthday present, can it really be all that bad?
Cheers to you, Mike!
How My Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored

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