To recap my background: Classically trained dancer. Worked with a ballet company. Lost my career to injury. Out of the field for a while. Back in it now. Full speed ahead! Auditioning for anything so I can perform as much as possible. Which has lead to … hilarity. A few pictures of some endeavors since the comeback:



That’s right- Dirty Red and then me and a zebra.

But the most recent audition required plenty of acrobatics. For the main task we had to run as fast we could after some tumbling, then stare at a brick wall, then turn around and run in a figure eight motion, into a handstand, hold it for a while, and slowly lower ourselves into yet another somersault. I had no idea how to do any of these things except for the running. In other words, my first attempt at all of this would be in front of the company. Welp. My group of ten or so was called up- here goes (everything) nothing.

How hard could a few flips on the floor be? Tuck and roll, methinks. Tuck and roll.

And so we commence, except I didn’t tuck and roll. And I winced as my spine went SPLAT! against the oh-so-hard floor. Three. Times. In a row. But I got up, and ran like hell to the brick wall. Unsure of how long to stay there, I didn’t move for a total of five deep and very intentional breathes. And I stared. Oh how I stared. I can probably redraw the entire three bricks that I stared at. And then I glanced left and right.

But no one was there.

My heart sank as my cheeks became flushed with various shades of crimson. I’m all playing nice with this wall completely by myself. (What?! I didn’t t even hear everyone else run by me?!)

I whipped around and started serpentining like a madwoman. Upstage downstage upstage downstage. Aha! They can’t find me now! (What?)

And I dove into that handstand. And I slowly lowered myself..

No I didn’t. My feet hit the ground first. I don’t even–

As I saw the floor, the wall, the ceiling, the other wall, and then the floor judges again, I stood up. Nodded at the friendly faces staring back, noted that their mouths were slightly ajar, and, with every shred of dignity I had left, slowly walked off.

And that’s how it’s done my friends, that’s how it’s done.


I’m sticking with the Nutcrackers that I’m working on right now. So don’t worry, you don’t have to watch that on stage. I promise.


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